Create your own Personalised Flower Essence Formula!



Your choice of a blend of up to 5 Dr Bach's or Australian Bush Flower Essences). Click on relevant lists below.

If you require more than 5 essences please add $1 for each additional.

Please send a note letting us know which flower essences you require and we will blend it for you and post it within 48 hours.

To help you select the remedies that you need, think about the way you are feeling at the moment and the outcome you would like to experience.

Each Australian Bush Flower and/or Bach Flower remedy gently assist one to move from the negative state to a positive one.

Flower Essence Single or Blend - 15ml           $11 + P&P 

(blend  up to 5 essences) 


Tell us what you would like to focus on, how you are feeling at the moment or what you would like to shift and we will muscle test the specific essence(s) to support your body and needs. You will also receive a report describing the blend and affirmations to support your healing.


Flower Essence Custom Blend - 15ml          $19 + P&P 

(blend  up to 5 essences) 


Free Pick up in Hawthorndene, SA.

Postage : $9 (Australia) 

Flower essences are plant-based vibrational remedies that are safe for all ages. They work on an energetic level to address underlying emotions, release unwanted patterns and help realigning imbalances in the mind-body in a very subtle way.

They are non-habit forming, are safe to take along side prescription medicines and have no side effects.

Originally removing flowers and infusing them in sunlight, moonlight or pure water made flower essences.  Now we do not need to sacrifice the flower itself as it is possible to extract the essence from a living plant without having to remove any part of it and the flower is free to bloom its natural course of life.