Aurelie has bought so much clarity and harmony to my life. She is a very talented healer and I have benefited greatly from working with her. She has also helped my young son, and I can attest to her beautiful nature around children (and us grown-ups). I can highly recommend Aurelie, we are so very glad we found you!

Naomi, business owner




I've been doing Kinesiology before but the experience with Aurelie was way more conclusive! We worked on grief, anger and resentment,  I felt each time much lighter and cured. I'd recommend her practice to anyone, she's got the gift x

Katya, business owner


"Heart warming. I had an rememberable and break through session with Aurelie a couple of weeks ago and I can honestly say that it was something incredible. Aurelie just listened and tuned into the energy and helped me uncover areas of myself I didn't realise was still stuck deep within me. I have done a bit of energy work in the past however I found Aurelie’s methodology very transformative. Highly recommended if you are looking to discover a deeper and more powerful, connected part of you".

Vy Vu, business owner



I have found Aurelie to be so kind and easy to talk to. She has taught me skills to change my way of thinking and tools that will stay with me for ever as I have been practicing them and they work. I highly recommend Aurelie for what I call Mind and Soul Maintenance. Thank you so much!

Denise Kane, yoga instructor

Aurelie is truly amazing - I cannot explain how she does it.I’ve taken my boys and I have also seen her myself, the release felt is indescribable.
Highly recommended - Aurelie is kind, nurturing and understanding.

Brooke, Nurse

"I’m so happy I tried Kinesiology ! Having a few sessions with Aurelie has helped me identify and let go of key issues in my life that had been stopping me from accepting and moving forward in certain areas of my life. I walk out of each session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Thanks Aurelie for fantastic face to face and more recently online session!"

Amanda, nutritionist


I highly recommend Aurelie. I have had an excellent result from just 3 sessions. I have tried Kinesiology before, but working with Aurelie was a completely different experience. She works very holistically, combining traditional Chinese medicine acupressure whilst assisting to unravel deep held beliefs which cause emotional blockages.  


I decided to try kinesiology to assist healing my ongoing PMS. I have been experiencing emotional mood swings, fatigue, headaches and insomnia in the lead up to my menstrual cycle for a number of years. After 3 sessions with Aurelie, I started to make significant changes in my relationship, and also with friends and family which has started to help alleviate PMS symptoms as I begin to take better care of my own needs, and give myself the required rest, especially in the week before my menstrual cycle.


I have tried acupuncture to assist with PMS. I knew I needed to work on deeper emotional issues in order to feel more balanced with my periods. I decided that kinesiology might be a good modality in order to heal. Through muscle testing, I discovered some beliefs about myself. I realised that I was not nurturing myself to the level that I could to maximise my relationships with those close to me. 


I now have a mantra in my mind which says, “I nurture my inner self”. I was also holding onto a belief that I am not worthy of being taken care of. Through sessions with Aurelie, I have been able to bring this to my awareness and change my thought pattern to, “I am worthy of being taken care of”.


Aurelie also uses a firm but gentle pressure point massage during some parts of the session which helps to activate blocked meridian lines in the body. She is excellent at discussing the emotional issues which arise as a result of testing the muscle memory.


I highly recommend Aurelie, and am very happy with the progress I have been making. It has been a very uplifting experience, I have more energy in my life as I allow myself to be supported more often. 

Danielle Affleck, Teacher's Aide

Since I turned 20 yo, I had been suffering back and jaw pain. I tried many practitioners and it was only when I added complementary approaches to conventional practices like physio that my symptoms improved and was able to avoid a jaw surgery, so I’m convinced that my body works better when it is treated in a holistic manner.

I heard from Aurelie after a class mate was treated by her very thoroughly and I wanted to try for myself.

Today, I’m still work in progress but I know I am on the right path. I have now a better understanding of myself, what is triggering my key symptoms and the patterns that I need to modify to feel healthier and happier.

From the beginning of the session Aurelie made me feel that she really cared about me, I was surprised and blown away to see how my body was showing what was going on in myself and the good advices that she gave me to complete the session.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Aurelie, she is a caring and honest practitioner who will assist you to achieve your health goals.

Ana, OH&S Manager & Student

I had an amazing first session with Aurelie and immediately felt lighter, and I felt that a shift had taken place. Aurelie has a lovely manner, she’s gentle, intuitive, and professional. I love how she blends Kinesiology with NLP to give you a greater understanding of what’s happening, whilst also enabling healing to take place on more than one level. Thank you, Aurelie, I look forward to the next session! ❤

Amanda Du Toit, Business Owner

Thank you so much I am so grateful for your wisdom, understanding and support. I really can move through this and into the way I want to live and be. Thank you so much for the session and for the resources. Amazing. 

Judy, Business Analyst 

I love Aurelie and what she does for my son (and myself). I struggle to explain to people how it works but it just does! My son adores Aurelie and I am so thankful we found her as she helps him relax and calm better than any other strategy we have tried.

Charlotte,  Nurse