Distance healing by Skype or Zoom, how does it work?

Creating Space Natural Therapies offers remote appointments via Skype/ Zoom or over the phone and allow you to enjoy our services in the comfort of your own home.

What are online appointments great for ?

- Understanding your drivers and limiting beliefs so that they can be cleared and replaced with empowering ones.

- Clearing past hurt, self-sabotage patterns (whether conscious or unconscious) and perceived limitations

- Emotional support (anxiety, worries, overwhelm, anger, stress): recenter yourself

- Increasing self-esteem, confidence

- Assisting in decision making (e.g NLP Tetralemma is amazing for dilemmas)

- Defining and aligning with goals (e.g personal, health, business): for this we may explore your value system, what is important to you as contentment comes from living a life aligned with our values.

- Connecting with your authentic self and finding your purpose

- Clearing bad habits (e.g smoking, snacking)

How does it work?

Neuro Linguistic Programming processes such as Timeline Therapy® or Hypnosis can easily be executed in a virtual meeting or by phone as mainly involves a coaching conversation.

You may wonder how does a Kinesiology or healing session works online?

We are all energetic beings that vibrate at certain frequency and everything around us is energy too.

In the realm of quantum physics, thoughts, emotions and even things that look solid to the naked eye are made up of vibrational energy fields (check out “the observer effect” and the ”double-slit experiment”).

We are one consciousness and all beings are interconnected.

Therefore when integrating kinesiology, I use my muscle as a surrogate which means I muscle test on your behalf. I get the same insights as I do in person, regardless of whether you are next to me or not. When a correction comes up (acupressure points, neurovascular…) we do it together (if possible) otherwise I do it on my body on your behalf.

What happens during a session?

We first establish what you ‘d like to focus on and a clear picture of the current block or stress. Then I intuitively choose or muscle test the best process to use during the session. This may involve, a coaching process, a meditation, holding points on your body, using a flower essence, EFT or hypnosis.

Whilst I personally prefer direct human contact, remote sessions are a great way to keep receiving support, work as effectively for emotional balance and can be adapted to your lifestyle.

I offer flexible times which can be taken while your kids are asleep.

Contact me for more additional information or times.

As always I offer a free 30 min discovery session to all new clients.