Are you at Cause or at Effect? The key to self-empowerment

The cause-effect equation C>E in NLP depicts 2 mindsets, perspectives when looking at life events.

Which side of the equation are you?

When you are at effect, life feels like it happens to you and you have no control over it. What you achieved or not achieved is down to someone else, some external forces often attributed as parents, partner, children, society…

To see if you are at cause or at effect, think about things you are not happy with at the moment and why you haven’t been able to shift these…

Notice your internal dialogue, if you use words like….”it is because of my partner, because of my education, …then you are at effect…”

Other words could be: “He/She makes me feel/do…..”, “When I will…..then”

When you are at effect, you are likely to blame others or external circumstances for what you don’t have or what you’ve failed to achieve in life. You have many external excuses. You are giving your power away waiting for fate to decide for you. When you are at effect, you may also believe you are responsible for everyone else feeling, which can become a big guilt trip. You are in victim mode, even if you are not aware of it.

To be at cause is to take responsibility for how you feel and what you ‘d like to manifest in the world. It doesn’t mean you are to blame or at fault but it is to recognize that wherever you are at, you always have a choice, you made decisions whether consciously or not. You can therefore decide to make the next steps to change your circumstances e.g you can choose a different career if yours is not fulfilling, you can make that call and reconnect with this lost relationship, tell someone how you really feel…whatever it is. This is all in your reach; you have the power to change things.

Being at cause is seeing life full of opportunities in each single moment. It is about shifting your perspectives from the “reasons why” to the “results we want”. As much as you cannot control your external world you can choose how you respond to it rather than just react to whatever life throws at you.

You can decide whether the model of the world that you currently hold is aligned with what you want and initiate the change. When you are at cause you are in control of your own emotional state without being influenced by others. Being at cause is giving the power back to you. It is putting your focus on solutions rather than problems.

So which side would you rather be?

What’s the one thing that you can do right here and now to move towards a better, more fulfilling place? And what is holding you back from it?

For some of you that may be easier to do than others. I hear you… there is a lot of fear involved, limiting beliefs and big emotions may arise when we truly commit ourselves to be at cause but the gain is more freedom, alignment and a vibrant life.

If you feel ready to take this next step, I’m here to meet you where you are at and help you navigate this journey. Contact me:

Aurelie, Kinesiologist and NLP coach

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"The definition of insanity is to do the same things over and over and expect different results."