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Hi, I'm Aurelie

I aspire to teach and empower my clients to regain control over their life , reach their fullest potential and live their lives with love, purpose, peace and joy.

I have always been passionate about understanding the mysteries of the universe and making a difference for people. I graduated as a Doctor in Pharmaceutical Sciences in France and started working in the industry. My western upbringing made me believe that healing was a one way process and modern science was the only way to “heal” a person and never really questioned it.

I now know that health and wellbeing on every level are anchored in an integrated approach that encompasses our emotional state, body, nutrition, environment and spirit. What affects the mind affects the body and vice versa.

I understand the impact of the subconscious and childhood programming in creating internal conflict with what one wants and needs.

My healing journey...

My personal healing journey started when I moved to Australia in 2007. After spending years in the pharmaceutical industry, I realised something was missing. I could tick all the boxes (friends, partner, money…) and still didn’t feel satisfied. I felt empty and lost.

 Whilst motivated by my own journey and searching for answers, I discovered new healing modalities, enrolled in various workshops including energy healing, meditation. Each bringing their piece of the puzzle.

I had my biggest insights ("aha moments") into my patterns and key drivers with Kinesiology and NLP. At the time, I could not possibly comprehend how accurate muscle monitoring could be at reading me. I realised I had lived a life based on what other people expected me to do (or my perception of it), I was blinded by limiting beliefs, fear of judgment. I shied away from my true self and dreams. As a result I didn’t know who I was.


Kinesiology and coaching changed me in many ways. I have found my purpose and I’m ready to guide others in this journey. 

My clinic space...

I strive to create a space where you feel held, can heal from within and become whole again. 

In each session you discover more about yourself and the origin of your issue.

I work holistically on the mind, body, spirit to bring you clarity, alignment to your goal by removing any road blocks, sabotage and attract the life you want.

A desire for change and an open mind is all you need to embark on this journey!​

Qualifications & Certifications:​ 

HLT52415 Diploma of Kinesiology

10594NAT Diploma of Mind Body Medicine

LEAP FT1 Training: Brain Integration and Stress

LEAP Brain Integration 2: Survival Systems (RAS, PVSS, cerebellum)

LEAP Environment Factors (Hydration, EMF)

NLP Master Practitioner (Hypnosis & TimeLine Therapy)

ThetaHealing Practitioner


Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)