Kinesiology for Emotional Balance

  • Do you feel tired, exhausted  and often say to yourself it is all too hard?

  • Are you constantly worrying that something bad is going to happen?

  • Do you feel tense and can't seem to be able to relax?

  • Are you holding a checklist of things you "need to do” and feeling stressed by it?

  • Do you find it hard to cope with a recent life changing situation - career change, relocation, separation?

  • Do you ever feel that the world is against you, or that something or someone is holding you back? 

  • Do you have difficulties managing your anger or controlling your temper?

  • Have you ever wondered why you keep falling in the same traps over and over?

Would you like to feel more calm, balanced and energetic?

Would you like bring back joy and flow in your life?​​​


If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place!

If living on the "last straw" has more or less become your way of life, then it is a sign your mind and body are crying out for your attention.

Feeling tired all the time, overwhelmed, frustrated or worrying about worst case scenarios are often the signs of deeper imbalances.

These imbalances can be driven and aggravated by deeply held limiting beliefs and behavioural patterns that are usually the result of our childhood programming and have been reinforced over time. These habitual ways of thinking and behaving become stored in our subconscious mind (so we are not aware they are running).


- Negative beliefs such as for example "nothing I do is good enough",“I'm all alone", "I don't deserve to be happy" or "other people needs matter more than mine"; high expectations (all the "I should be, I must…”),

- Old unresolved events 

- Repressed emotions 

keep us stuck in cycles of negativity creating sense of overload, irritability or despair.

Using Kinesiology and NLP coaching, I can tap in your body held memory and help you uncover the root cause of your stress and patterns and bring these to a conscious level so that you can start the process of healing.

We can pin point specifically the time and events (past or presents) where these beliefs were created.

I then use various cognitive and energetic techniques such as  acupressure, NLP, Hypnosis, Thetahealing, sound, flower essences (to name a few) to help your mind, body and energy system releasing these emotions.


By releasing deep blocks and instilling new empowering beliefs, you can effectively regain control over your life and a sense of alignment and balance.

Each session is unique and often takes us in unexpected ways. I offer a safe and non-judgmental space to support you through this process of self-discovery, sifting through, revealing and diffusing those key stresses which are in the way from achieving your goals.


I work face to face in clinic or remotely via Zoom. If you wonder how remote kinesiology sessions work visit my blog by clicking here.

Shifts can be experienced after the first session, however for optimal results and lasting changes, I recommend a minimum of 3-5 sessions around a specific outcome. I offer a range of packages that we can discuss at your initial session. 

Still unsure about how I can help you? Book a free 30min discovery session.