Reclaim your power


Would you like to?

  • Get to know yourself at a deeper level and the origin of your patterns?

  • Understand what it means to truely love yourself?

  • Revealing and shining more of WHO YOU ARE without worrying about what other people think?

  • FINALLY breaking the box of your own head and stop overthinking the things you say or do?

  • Feeling more WHOLE and connected ?

  • Letting go of the feeling of survival & anger ? 

  • Find your purpose & soul mission ?

You  are  in the right place​​


Your personal evolution is my top priority, and my commitment to you as a coach, kinesiologist & intuitive healer is to help you transform yourself from the inside out and gain a deeper, richer relationship with yourself and others.

I will guide you back towards your true self, underneath the layers of protections your mind built up around you so that you can access your own intuitive wisdom, let your body and heart be your own teacher & healer.

We will gently uncover unconscious patterns that are keeping you emotionally stuck or stagnant, working through childhood wounds to release pain from unresolved past events and reframe your current perception of reality.

You will get an understanding on specific times and events (past or presents) that created the stress and current patterns and bring these to a conscious level so that you can start the process of healing. 

Blending various cognitive tools such as coaching & NLP and energetic techniques such as kinesiology, channeled intuitive visualisation, acupressure, flower essences (to name a few) we will shift repressed emotions and blocks from the whole body, mind, spirit system (including sometimes our ancestral lines). 


By releasing deep blocks and instilling a new empowering mindset, you can effectively regain control over your life and a sense of alignment and balance.

Most people feel uplifted, lighter and more connected to themselves after their session.

Each session is unique and often takes us in unexpected ways.


I offer a safe and non-judgmental space to support you through this process of self-discovery, sifting through, revealing and diffusing those key stresses which are in the way from achieving your goals.


All of these processes can be conducted face to face in clinic or remotely via Zoom.

If you wonder how remote kinesiology sessions work visit my blog by clicking here.

Bundle and save!! Make the most of my package offers:

You will get deep insights and shifts after your first session, however we all know that a deep & lasting transformation of a pattern that took years in the making is a journey and requires daily practice. 

I recommend a minimum of 3-5 sessions around a specific outcome.

To honour your commitment to your transformation, I offer a range of packages (with up to 14% discount) that we can discuss at your initial session. 

Still unsure about how I can help you? Book a free 30min discovery session.