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Kinesiology for Healing your Body -

Mind Body Medicine

  • Do you have any residual pain months after an injury that is already healed?

  • Do you suffer from a series of physical symptoms and emotional that seem disconnected?

  • Do you suffer from pain, have done every possible test and nothing can be found to justify it?

  • Do you suffer from any chronic conditions?

Are you ready to pay attention to the messages from your body

and create deep transformations?


The basis of Mind Body Medicine is to recognise that the mind & the body cannot be separated. We are connected to everything around us. Your body is a feedback system. Emotions share some very real biochemical links with your nervous, endocrine, immune and digestive systems and impact directly your bodily function. This is why a holistic care approach is key to health and wellbeing especially when related to body ailments and pain.

Sometimes pain occurs for no known cause, or long after an injury has healed.

If, despite a complete physical assessment and even a visit to a specialist or two, no one can find a reason behind your physical complaints, it may be your body's way of letting you know that your mind is in distress.

We now know that a person's experience of pain is shaped by the complex emotional and cognitive processing that accompanies the physical damage or sensation. So pain really is in your head as well as your body.

Activities in the “thoughts” and “emotional’ area of our brain can change the actual experience of the pain for better or worse.

Using Kinesiology, I perform holistic assessments of your signs and symptoms.


Through the use of muscle monitoring, I can directly tap into your body wisdom and identify where the blockages lie not only in the physical body but also from an emotional, nutritional and energetic point of view.

I use a range of gentle structural corrections, associated with TCM principles and acupressure as well as working on the emotional charge to address pain.


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